Why improving service is the best competitive strategy for your business.

 I am an expert in web development, but not an advertising specialist. But one thing leads to another and I ended up doing a little advertising for small merchants, professionals and entrepreneurs.

 Within the training I was doing, I found this phrase: «today everything is a commodity, that is, there are all kinds of products and services and of similar quality». In other words, no product or service is new or better quality to attract the majority of customers. Who does not understand this, can not have a successful venture.

  The exhibitor left me thinking.

  So how do we stand out, so that the buyer chooses you before your competition?

 The first thing I did was go find the definition of commodity. The word commodities is a term that comes from the English language, more precisely it corresponds to the plural of the term commodity that in this language is used to refer to products, merchandise or raw materials. I don’t know if the expression is technically quite correct. But the idea certainly is.

  And what is the solution?

  Today, the best way to stand out, to differentiate yourself in the market compared to your competitors is to offer a better, more personalized, more accessible service.

  MyWebApps are a way to offer a better service! Look in the infographic how my WebApp can help you with that goal.

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