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Digital Invitation Cards


-Personal Data
-Event data information
-Photo gallery.
-QR code
-Map with geolocation
-Button share by whatsapp, bluetooth and social networks
-Free basic logo included. -Time of circulation 4 months
-An update, in general to share photos post-party or event

 50 USD per 3 months. You can pay up to 12 installments without interest.

Extra Services Digital Cards

Both the advanced card and the professional card Can integrate with:  
-chat online
-google analytics  
-subscriber form
The service is charged separately, only once:
usd 12
-These Cards alows push up notifications. It is a separatly service.

Infographics and automation in social networks

Advanced digital E-Business Card

-Basic data
-Product and / or services portfolio
-Testimonious satisfied customers
-Price site, with purchase button included
- Curriculum Vitae
-Button share by whatsApp, social networks, bluetooth
-Direct acess from icon on cell phone screen
-Logo included - QR Code
- One year circulation time, renewable
-Possibility of 4 annual updates

Value 124 usd. by year. You can pay up to 12 installments without interest.

Note: 12 usd  for extra update.

Logo and photo of personalized and professional profile 50usd extras

Profesional digital E-Business Card



All the features of the advanced ones plus: -Own domain. -6 annual updates

They can be doubled or copied, for corporate purchases.

166.9 usd per year. You can pay up to 12 installments without interest.

Discounts on corporate purchases. Up to 10 cards 10%, more than 10 cards 20%.

Google s Offers

Google positioning.

You will be able to promote your product or service by appearing in the top search posts in google. The value in dollars is 150 usd



Advertising videos



Usd 50 video of 30 seconds

Usd 100 video of more than 30 seconds



 Business Cards

 ¡Star Product!


It is a powerful advertising tool for smart phones.

Yes, smartphones, since more than 80% of the people who are now connected to the internet, do so through their smartphone.

It is a WebApp or progressive web. Doesn´t busy your client´s smartphone memory as an App does.

 Its versatility and ease of sharing both whatsApp and social networks transforms it into a powerful advertising tool for your business becouse it is esy viralized through smartcell phones.

 You will be more at hand of your client whenever you need and this accessibility produces greater customer loyalty.  

You will generate a great impact on your client transmitting an innovative, positive and category image.  

You will achieve more results, faster and at lower cost.

 We are here, waiting for you to contact us in order to resolve all your concerns and together evaluate if any of our advertising tools could be of help to the current needs of your business.

There are three types of cards, each one with greater functionality than the other, designed for the need of each user.

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