Do you want to impact by introducing yourself and stand out before your competition?

I can help you with these digital cards!

Here you can see how a business card is

Benefits of a business digital card.

-You will always have your business card on the home screen of your cell phone to share in unexpected moments.

-All changes are updated on cards already distributed.

-Distribution without limit. You never run out of cards!

-An innovative way to introduce yourself and stand out by producing a lot of memory remembrance in your potential client.

-You will offer greater accessibility and better service.

-You can include in addition to your contact information, photos, videos and links to your social networks

-Easy to share by whatsApp even with people who are not in the contact list of your cell phone.

-Easy to share through social networks and WhatsApp. Ideal for your satisfied customers to recommend you.

-They do not occupy the cell’s memory since they are WebApps.

These cards are the basic module.
You can add modules to a complete web page:
-module 1: domain, hosting and 2 additional pages.
-module 2: blog for publications. It links to a wordpress-generatepress-elementor page.
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See how a business card is installed in the smartsphone screen

See how it can be easily shared through whatsApp and social networks.

Demonstrative video of a business digital card.